In response to the Great Commission, Hands of Grace aids the local church with a goal of freeing people from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. Our child sponsorship program enables children to develop into productive and responsible Christian adults who effect change within their communities. Our Medical Clinic serves as the hands and feet of Jesus to those who need medical care but are unable to afford it.


Project La Yaguita
Project Sabaneta (Caminito de Jesus/Pathway to Jesus)
Project Jacagua

Project Bella Vista DR-003

Your sponsored child lives in an area outside Santiago that is bordered by the Yaque River and connected to the city by the Hermano Patino Bridge. This area has many impoverished neighborhoods and is riddled with poverty, disease, streets filled with garbage, unemployment, vagrancy, child prostitution, and drugs. Efforts are being made to change the culture here and with God’s help and your participation the project aims to serve the children so they can improve their community!

The children at this project attend public school and the project provides homework assistance, a Saturday community center, food support, medical care, and spiritual guidance that ultimately affects the whole family. 

DR-002 Caminito de Jesus (Pathway to Jesus School)

The school is located in Sabaneta de Las Palomas, which is a semi-rural area situated just outside the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Sabaneta is a low/no income tight-knit community.  Your sponsor child lives within a half mile radius from the school.  This project reaches out to lower income families and gives them the opportunity to receive an excellent education with Christ at its center.  The mission of the school is to provide an excellent Christian education to the children, while at the same time reach out and evangelize to the parents and family.  It started as a preschool in 2003 to serve children in the community.  However, they sensed the Lord's leading to continue to grow one grade level at a time.  The school now has classes up to 6th grade.  

Project Jacagua DR-001

Your sponsor child lives in a rural area situated at the base of the mountains just north of the city of Santiago 900 meters above sea level. Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. It is a low/no income tight-knit community. This rural area is a mixture between agriculture and the "life of the country" and the ever-expanding city, with an estimated population of 35,000. There are more and more families that are bettering their economic situation, but many people still live in houses of wood with tin roofs and a latrine. The electricity is infrequent and the majority of the houses have a cistern for their water supply. The area is known for its baseball, including MLB past players Jose Parra and Jhonny Peralta.

This rural area has been transformed with the presence of the project in which we are involved. This Christian school was founded by missionaries over 30 years ago. It is one of the best educational options in the whole country. This primary and secondary school has an incredible vision for the education of their children, as well as the community. They are in the process of a five-year expansion and development plan for the school. The school integrates Christian values into a quality education. They have received many awards for education throughout their 30 years of existence. The staff is very dedicated and sacrifices a lot to work at this school.

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